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Helicopter Flying Around Mount Everest

Nepal Helicopter Tour

Nepal Helicopter Tour, the deluxe way to discover Nepal's magnificent Himalayas, holy temples, holy lakes and popular places skipping the tough mountain paths within a short span of time. Helicopter transfer you from the major cities' airport to your dream destination within one day for which one needs to spend at least a week to reach there.

AS 350B2, AS 350B3e and BELL 407GXP having spacious cabins, comfortable seats with panoramic visibility helicopters are in operation for helicopter tours in Nepal. These helicopters carry 6 passengers having a maximum takeoff weight of 2,250 kg that can land in minor space even in marginal weather conditions.

So, if you have a short time in Nepal and wish to visit the remote area's destination like temples, lakes or mountains then the following helicopter tours is for you.

Helicopter Tour Packages